The Adversity Advantage

Erik Weihenmayer

Erik's message is a powerful reminder that you don't have to have perfect sight to have a grand vision for life and that adversity can be a catalyst for greatness.

"I think this is the most precious time in history to be a pioneer, to reach out, to seize hold of adversity and challenges we face, to harness energy not only to transform our own lives, but to elevate the world around us." - Erik Weihenmayer

Erik Weihenmayer's life story focuses on harnessing the power of adversity and demonstrating that there are no barriers.

Erik lost his sight as a teenager. Despite being blind, he climbed the highest peak on every continent, solo-kayaked the Grand Canyon, solo-paraglided out of airplanes and inspired the global community to rethink the impossible.

Central to these journeys is his mindset of continually challenging himself, growing, and evolving - in Erik's words, to "climb while others camp."